We have put this site together to show you various ways and samples of producing tabs. The gallery is quite extensive, and we hope this will inspire you.

For a basic set of tabs, our tab generator will produce a PDF suitable to print, however for a more complicated request, please Email or phone to discuss your requirements.

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As part of our operation we also provide a most reliable, fast turn-around solution for digital printing and copying, for those urgent reports, books, training manuals, brochures, protocols or CRF printing. We are able to produce the exact quantities you want within a day or two. Incorporating colour indexes, tab dividers, laminated covers, printed CD's.


We have built our reputation based on superb quality, coupled with a friendly and knowledgeable team and of course competitive pricing. Once the job is complete we offer our clients the ability to use our distribution service nationally or globally offering Track Back and Proof of Deliveries (POD’s). We offer the tabbing finishing service to other printers, with the printed sheets being supplied to us ready for finishing.


The tabs can be printed onto 160-300gsm. card.

For economy, we suggest black printing to one side.

For more prestige work we can print in full colour.

If the tabs are to receive a lot of handling, we would suggest the Mylar reinforcing option. This plastic coating gives the tab rigidity and wearability, outlasting the life of plain card tabs considerably. Another advantage of mylar is, it’s available in several colours, another nice way of enhancing presentation.

With oversized dividers, we can show main headings above the subsequent subheadings, allowing main topics to be seen easily. 2/4 hole drill, shrink wrapped or provided with binders – ready to go. Our dividers are all printed, mylar reinforced and cut in house, with custom/bespoke printed titles;

Small quantities accommodated.

Case Report Forms (CRF) dividers or any other. The classic CRF comprises of a top white, middle yellow or pink and a bottom chamois card, all fan apart, bound on the outer edge; with the bottom card being oversized to allow the top and the middle copy to be torn off without opening the binder's rings, while the bottom copy remains in the binder. An oversize Tab Divider will split visits and often the Completion Guidelines are printed on the reverse thereby any additional booklets are un-necessary.

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Many of our pharma clients opt for our oversize and standard tabs as a mixture claiming the ease of use and clarity and great advantage when dealing with sometimes 100 dividers in a binder(s) Having the titles printed directly onto the tabs with the mylar also gives the professional look, rather than sticky labels of paper or handwritten.

Drilling – for the final documentation to be placed into a binder

We also provide a professional shrink wrapping service to maintain quality and durability in transit or storage

Card from 160 to 300 gsm
Black or full colour printing
Mylar reinforcing
Shrink wrapping
Case Report Forms

Print Variations

The amount of text on the tab will determine the size of typeface used. Unless otherwise specified we will choose the appropriate type sizes. Either one or both sides of the Tabbed Divider may be printed in anything from a single spot colour up to 4 colour process.

Reads in
Reads out
Reads down
Reads Across
Reads in with figure and letter reading across

Protect Your Tabbed Dividers

Reinforcing the Tabbed Dividers not only protects them but it can also add a touch of colour if you're on a budget. It is usual for our customers to select this option as it gives the tabs added durability. The polyester laminate (or mylar) is available in 23 different colours as well as the standard clear.

Cut Out Or Stepped?

At Yes Print we can produce two standard Tab Styles:

We can produce the following standard tab extensions, all extensions are available in both tab styles above;


CUT OUT Styles of tabs
STEPPED Styles of tabs
name the tabs
add tabs
select colours


When you click on "Create tabs" you will be directed to a menu which will allow you to input your titles to automatically to generate tabs. On the left side there is a box to type in the titles, there are 12 text fields, for less than 12 titles do not fill in the rest of the boxes, the system will generate only enough tabs for how many titles you enter.

If you want to, you can also select a font that you like, style (normal, bold, italic, etc.) the size and colour, as well as the background colour.

It will take you less than a minute.

If the wizard cannot create a design which you want please contact.
or +44 (0)1252 878120

Our possibilities are much larger than the simple wizard will produce.

For a basic set of tabs, our tab generator will produce a PDF suitable to print, however for a more complicated request, please e-mail or phone to discuss you requirements. Alternatively if you have ready artwork please upload it through our ftp site



Yesprint incorporating TabDividers is a service to provide bespoke dividers to Pharma/Industry/Commerce/Trade In smaller quantities.

The need for holding stock nearly becomes obsolete as our costing is based on the number of copies, not the run length.

With the wide access of the Internet we are receiving more and more work as electronic copy. Whether it is an application, such as Word or Power Point or as a postscript file (Acrobat), compressed and sent as an attachment to our mail box, we can print it immediately. The flexibility of being able to transmit data instantly "off your desk" to Yes Print Ltd whether you are in Barbados, USA, Europe or the North of England, as many of our clients are, the response is instant. Distance is no more a handicap. Wherever you are we are your local printer (*sample prints can always be provided to our distant clients or Jpegs).

If the files are a large size, please use our secure and dedicated FTP service under the address of www.mailbigfile.com/yesprint.

For those clients wishing us to produce complete jobs, we can bind and present your work to your specification, Coil, Wiro, Perfect or Comb binding, Staple, Drill or insert into ring binders etc.

Our aim is to give our clients a1st class service, so if we feel we can enhance your product in any way, we will not be shy in offering you advice on how best your product can be presented or by which process we are able to achieve it.

Yesprint, the parent company has been in business since 1990 and has enjoyed a substantial growth to its position today. Much of our work is repeat business, or through 3rd party recommendation, give us a try, you will be pleasantly pleased.

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